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Setting up Halloween

by on Oct.31, 2008, under Home

So last night, I wanted to do something to add to the Halloween spirit.  See our neighborhood goes all out.  Everybody has picked some theme/location from the Harry Potter series, and has gone all out in the decoration.  Maybe I’ll get some pictures of it for later, but understand that it’s good enough to get featured in the local papers and TV.  So I quickly had to start my bit, here’s a sneak preview.

Right now I’m figuring out how to make the back legs stand up more, so it appears to be walking more, and improving the fangs.  I have a light that goes into the back and makes it glow some, and am putting a floodlight on the front, so the face shows up, and the eyes glow a bit.

I’ll be adding the spiderwebs in today, and a ‘body’ wrapped up in spiderwebs.  The best parts though.  A) I’ll be in the spiderweb, ready to freak people out.  But also, that long front leg, I have fishing line on it, so I can make it reach out and grab kids as they go for the candy 🙂

It’s not a good Halloween unless you can make a kid soil their costume 🙂

The only really bad part is, my wife is refusing to walk in the front door now.

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G.O. Phizzickle

by on Oct.29, 2008, under Uncategorized

Growing up my family had a huge number of books at hand to read.  The ones that really got me started in reading first though were the cartoon books of course.  No, we didn’t have “comic books” so much as all the old softbounds of daily comics.  Naturally I started with some of the easier to read ones, but as I got better I started reading some of the more ‘wordy’ ones, where characters would exercise their verbosity to extreme degrees.

One of the ones that constantly grabbed my attention was this POGO volume.  Now anybody familiar with the Pogo world knows that it is far from an easy read.  With his use of deep accents, he presented a very interesting take on the larger world, by casting it all in their little swamp.

Well, I’ve been browsing around trying to find some of this old content, and stumbled upon one book online, and right away, it seemed to play right into today’s hot topics.

G.O. Phizzickle Discussion

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Moving Blogs

by on Oct.28, 2008, under Site

In the general progression of my laziness, I’m finally moving my blogs around.  This one came about from needed a test account at work, combined with not wanting to run my personal server at home anymore.  Waste of power, too noisy, etc.  I’ve imported 3 old posts, just to bring some content across, but this will be my Tech/Prep/Rant blog for personal usage.

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What’s in your Pocket

by on Oct.20, 2008, under Geeky

EDC, Every Day Carry.  Something I think that is true to the heart of boys and geeks everywhere.  Pockets were made to be filled, and no geek ever wants to be without the right tool for the job.  EDCer’s might be minimalists, pushing everything down to the smallest factor possible, or may be on the other end, having two of everything, just in case. So I decided to join a meme and post up what’s in my pockets first (my bag has a whole other load, for later).

Pocket Contents

A quick rundown on these contents (Top left working clockwise).

  1. Odd keychain, Tahoe key and fob, motorcycle key (detachable), Leatherman squirt s4, micro-mag with LED conversion kit.  Usually in left pocket if in use, otherwise jacket or pack.
  2. Iphone earbuds (phone is busy taking the picture).
  3. Regular keychain. Car key and fob, micro-led light, cabinet and trigger lock keys, house key, safe key, pill vial (waterproof storage).
  4. North American Arms Magnum Mini revolver, magnum JHP rounds.  LR chamber located ‘elsewhere’
  5. Boker sub-compact folding, lockblade knife
  6. Access Card for work
  7. Cree LED tac-light
  8. chapstick
  9. Wallet
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