Focusing on the Job

by on Mar.11, 2009, under Politics

Ok, this has been a long time coming.  People have heard me say something along these lines on irc, IM, in person, etc.  But now I’m putting it up on the tubes.


  • An elected official is chosen to fill a specific role
  • While elected, they are an employee of the people they represent
  • Campaigning for an elected position is a demanding job in itself
  • By accepting an elected position, you will give an oath to your constituents to fulfill that job

It shall be illegal for an official, currently serving in an elected position, to campaign for an alternate elected position.  To legally campaign for any elected position, you may not be a public official in any standing except for the same position you are campaigning for (re-election).

I’ll admin that’s a pretty lousy attempt at “legalese”, for something that could pass as a bill.

So what’s this mean?  One of my long-standing grudges, especially when relating to the office of the President of the USA, is to see people who are supposedly representing their state, or district instead spending all their efforts in campaigning for a new job.  How many of us would be treated so well as our senators if we spent the bulk of our time at work trying to get a *different* job?  No we would be fired for the theft we were doing.  Just look over the last several elections, especially among Senators, and see just how much of their “day job” they skipped out on in order to try and garner votes from other parts of the country for something they wanted so badly.

Anybody have some ways I could brush this up? Anybody want to help get this in rolling in Utah, at least we could keep it in our state, and limit our own representation.  And just maybe others in different states could enact their own too.

I also would like some help in seeing how to keep people from trying to skirt the issue with dummy arguments, just as one senator this last election skirting the law by stating approximately, “Well, I wasn’t the offical party candidate at that point”.  I just want it so that you do the job you were elected to do.  You want to go after something else? Fine, step down, so you can devote your attention there, but hand the reigns to somebody else to take care of your previous job!

Anybody who actually knows anything willing to help me write this correctly?


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