Upgrading the Media Server

by on Apr.26, 2009, under Geeky

This weekend I took the time to upgrade my home server to Ubuntu’s Jaunty release, I’m happy to say things went really well overall.  The only problem I had was related to the way I share my media with the Mac devices in my house.  While samba works ok for a lot of stuff, and NFS can be nice (but a PITA to set up right), Macs really like using AFP to share with each other.

This is really noticable when you want to use your server to handle the time machine backups.  To get things working before I use the instructions here (http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/06/ubuntu-as-mac-file-server-and-time-machine-volume/) to get things working.  This worked great, and even better when you remember to read everything and actually compile the netatalk yourself, instead of using the prepackaged one.  Why? because you do want the cracklib/ssl support, so you can use encrypted passwords.  Ubuntu/Debian won’t include that.

Rebuilding this time, I had two extra problems, and it looks like now they have a note on that page mentioning the first.  I couldnt’ ever get a connection to work after the upgrade, with no useful information in the logs.  Just that my session started, and ended.  It turns out in each share there was a .AppleDB directory, that had to be wiped, and rebuilt (by simply restarting the service) before they would accept connections.

The second problem I had was that even though I’d installed cracklib2, in jaunty the deps hadn’t included the PAM module for it. So I could build against cracklib, but couldn’t have it talk to pam.  One quick apt-get and I was running again.

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RIP Phoenix

by on Nov.10, 2008, under Geeky

It lasted far beyond when expected, but it’s finally kicked the bucket.  RIP Phoenix Lander you taught us much.

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seq on osx

by on Nov.04, 2008, under Geeky

I was trying to mirror down a set of zip’s (CD3WD a pretty amazing resource) and I didnt’ want to just mirror, because of other data.  So I was trying to do a simple loop, but was thinking too Perlish and trying to sprintf somehow the numerical formatting (files are cd3wd401 to 444, so needed the 0).  Perlhoser corrected my attempt, by pointing me to the seq command, with the -w flag, which pads the width to the largest amount, with leading zeros, perfect.

Until I tried to run it on my mac, which had the drive I wanted it on, instead of a linux box.  Seq wasn’t installed, and I couldnt’ find it with macports.  However I did find via google that the ‘coreutils’ port has a ‘gseq’ tool. Drop in replacement for my script.

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What’s in your Pocket

by on Oct.20, 2008, under Geeky

EDC, Every Day Carry.  Something I think that is true to the heart of boys and geeks everywhere.  Pockets were made to be filled, and no geek ever wants to be without the right tool for the job.  EDCer’s might be minimalists, pushing everything down to the smallest factor possible, or may be on the other end, having two of everything, just in case. So I decided to join a meme and post up what’s in my pockets first (my bag has a whole other load, for later).

Pocket Contents

A quick rundown on these contents (Top left working clockwise).

  1. Odd keychain, Tahoe key and fob, motorcycle key (detachable), Leatherman squirt s4, micro-mag with LED conversion kit.  Usually in left pocket if in use, otherwise jacket or pack.
  2. Iphone earbuds (phone is busy taking the picture).
  3. Regular keychain. Car key and fob, micro-led light, cabinet and trigger lock keys, house key, safe key, pill vial (waterproof storage).
  4. North American Arms Magnum Mini revolver, magnum JHP rounds.  LR chamber located ‘elsewhere’
  5. Boker sub-compact folding, lockblade knife
  6. Access Card for work
  7. Cree LED tac-light
  8. chapstick
  9. Wallet
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by on Jan.25, 2008, under Fun Links, Geeky

After a a few casual tweets, a website is born 🙂

Phil801 had been discussing shooting to blow off some stress, and I mentioned that it sounded time to have another geeks-n-guns event.  He found the name amusing, and the site is born.  Go check in if you are a geek with and interest in things that go boom!

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